Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Glide bike giveaway

Here is the latest giveaway I've found for a balance bike! I came across Glide bike giveaways by chance tonight, and I'm excited that I found 2 in one night!! Woo hoo! Go to Leslie Loves Veggies to enter!

How about a glide bike?

I've been obsessed with these balance bikes lately (I've entered 4 different giveaways so far) and tonight I just happened upon a tweet that sent me to a new giveaway, this time for a Glide Bike. I'm not sure if I like them as well as the Striders, but they come in several different sizes and can be used for older kids as well. The one weird thing, is that they have a foot rest that seems to stick out and may get in the way of a smaller child walking/running the bike. I'd love to win one to find out!! :) For your chance to win, go to the Tic Tac Dough blog.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We love Rockin' Green!

We have been using Rockin' Green for a few months now and we love it! Not only does it smell great, the hard rock formula does wonders for our hard water. Check out It's Me Melbie for your chance to win some to try for yourself!

Another AMP giveaway

I found another AMP giveaway!! This time it is for a stay dry all in one. Go to It's Me Melbie! for your chance to win!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ever heard of Doopsy?

I hadn't heard of these diapers until this week when a blogger pointed me in their direction. I found their facebook page (full of giveaways this week!), which pointed me to their youtube video review (love the theme song!). Now, I've found a blog giveaway as well! Go to The Mommy Times to enter!

Have you tried Smartipants?

Here's another great review and giveaway for a diaper I've never tried - a one size pocket Smartipants! Check out the Mommy Times for your chance to win!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Adorable girly stuff

If you have a little girl, you NEED to know about the Snuggle Bug Kids Etsy shop! This shop has ADORABLE clothing, hair clippies, hats, sandals - you name it! My personal favorite is the flower clippie shirt and tutu set - precious! :) For your chance to win a gift card to spend as you please, go to The Shopping Mama's blog!

Any germophobes out there??

I used to really consider myself a germophobe. Not quite to the OCD "Monk-style" germophobe, but I was always VERY aware of what was clean and what was dirty. That really has changed since I became a mom. For two reasons: 1. I figure everyday germs are good for building up DDs immune system; 2. It's impossible to keep a baby from putting things in their mouths, and it's impossible to keep their environment 100% germ free. However, there are still some things that really get to me - like germy toothbrushes for instance. A pocket purifier from Purely Products would be PERFECT for those things that I just can't stand to see germy! Arizona Mama is holding a giveaway on her blog!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cloth Diaper week - lots of fluffy giveaways!!

Manic Mother
Yes, I know Cloth Diaper week at Coupon Mommy of 3 is over, but the giveaways are STILL GOING STRONG! The first giveaway closes 8/16, and some of them are even open until 8/24, so get over there and enter some awesome fluffy giveaways!! :)

Another Applecheeks giveaway!

This is a cute Canadian-made dipe that I first found out about on Facebook a couple of months ago. Now, I'm seeing reviews and giveaways all over the place! I'd love to try one myself! It looks like a great addition to our stash! Go to Coupon Mommy of 3's blog for your chance to win and Applecheeks Little Bundle System!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another GroVia giveaway

I'm not sure how I feel about these All In 2 designs, but I'm always up for trying a new diaper for free!! Here's another chance to win a GroVia set!! Check out Arizona Mama's blog for a giveaway sponsored by The Baby Store Plus!

A new blog to follow

Just found a new blog that has started to offer giveaways!! Go to The Momccupation to enter for your chance to win a GroVia diaper!

AMP Duo diaper

Here's a neat combination: All In 2 combined with a pocket, and it's a one size dipe too! I've never heard of AMP diapers, but I think I would like the combination - and I love their colors (lots to choose from)!!! Check out the review of AMP Duo diapers at The Mommy Times for your chance to win!

Krap Katchers - HAHA!!

The name of these diapers is too funny! They are pocket diapers made in Australia which are made to - yes - katch krap. :) They are really cute too: minky diapers with cute prints. Check out this giveaway from Coupon Mommy of 3.

Mother-Ease diapers

We've tried the basic Mother-Ease fitted diapers and we love them for their simplicity and comfort (love that stretch terry)! I just found a giveaway for a Mother-Ease Sandy's fitted diaper and air flow cover. This diaper is a little fancier than the basic fitted, and very cute. It's a side snapping diaper which reminds me of the Clover diapers by Precious Dignity. It also looks just as comfy as the original!! :) Go to Dirty Diaper Laundry for your chance to win!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Softbums - another new product

Here's yet another product I have never heard of until finding this giveaway - the Softbum Slide2Size. It is a shell and insert set - looks similar to the GroVia, I believe (although I can't be sure since I've never tried those either). The pictures on the website are cute!! I'd love to try it and find out more, so I'm entering this giveaway from the Biehl Adventures blog!

Bum Essentials giveaway

I've honestly never thought of trying Bum Essentials diapers, but this review makes them look pretty darn cute! We're a mostly prefold family, but I'm always open to trying something new if it's free!! Go to Arizona Mama's blog for a Bum Essentials Bumbino giveaway sponsored by The Baby Store Plus!

Feeding my new obsession...

Well, it's not a Strider, but I've been searching for more balance bike/running bike giveaways and I came across this LIKEaBIKE giveaway. It is really adorable - all wood, and had really cute accessories (although pricey)!! It goes for over $300, while the Striders go for $100. You can win one here through August 16!! The Shopping Mama

Friday, August 6, 2010

Another cool toddler find

DD just loves playing with water, so I would love to win this Little Tikes sand and water table for her!! I know the kids at the daycare center always have fun playing with it - a great sensory experience! Go to My Silly Monkeys for your chance to win!

Found another Strider giveaway

Woohoo!! I'm officially obsessed with these Strider Running Bikes!! I found and entered 3 different contests for them so far! Check out Does Mommy Love It? for another chance to win!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Awesome toddler giveaway!!

I just found a giveaway for the coolest thing ever - a toddler "pre-bike" by Strider Sports. It has no pedals, and is made for kids from 1-5 yrs old. It's called a "running bike." It looks amazing! Some of kids are riding in skate parks!! The littlest toddlers were adorable, just walking along with their bikes. I know DD would LOVE to try this out! Go ahead and enter at My Silly Monkeys' blog!

Thirsties Duo Diapers

So, we recently bought some Thirsties Duo wrap covers to try, and DD's bum is trying them out for the first time as we speak. We needed some larger covers (the medium Thirsties were not quite covering up her prefolds anymore), and we thought we would get something that we might get some more use out of (with the next baby) than just a large. Plus, DD is to the stage where she wants to open her velcro covers, so we were able to buy the snap duo covers. The jury is still out on how well we like the covers - I was a little disappointed they don't seem much bigger than her mediums, but we'll see! In the mean time, I found a giveaway for Duo Diapers!! Check it out here at Happily Southern, sponsored by Thirsties.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Best Bottoms giveaway ends 8/4!!

I just found a last minute chance to enter to win a Best Bottoms diaper on Mama B's blog!! (See previous post: Another new to me product for first impression of Best Bottoms, and another chance to win)
Here's the link to Mama B's giveaway sponsored by Nicki's Diapers.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Have you tried these?

Have you tried GroVia? Wee Little Changes is sponsoring a giveaway on Mama B's blog! I've never tried GroVia, but they are adorable!! Check it out, and maybe you can try them for free! The best part is, the winner gets a gift card which can be used to purchase anything at Wee Little Changes, even one of your old favorites! :)
Mama B's blog giveaway

Happy Heinys giveaway

It's been a while since I've tried Happy Heinys. I bought one used off of Diaper Swappers before DD was born, and we used it a handful of times (at that point we had mostly prefolds). I'd really love to try one of the new Happy Heinys - especially the adorable prints! Check out Happily Southern for a Happy Heinys giveaway!
Happy Heinys giveaway

Wool Dryer balls anyone?

Bouncing Woolies is sponsoring a giveaway at Home-Mom's blog. Wool dryer balls are a great way to cut down on your drying time and spend less money and energy on drying all of your laundry. Check it out!
Home-Mom blog: Bouncing Woolies Giveaway

Adorable doll diapers

I just found a mama on Etsy who makes the cutest doll diapers! She even has sets including matching bibs. I remember I LOVED playing with diapers for my dolls when I was a girl, so I can't wait to get some for my DD. Check out this blog for a doll diaper giveaway!
Home Mom Blog - Doll diaper giveaway

Found a new blog!

I found a new blog that is giving away some Rockin' Green pail freshener!! We use Rockin' Green soap, but have never tried the pail freshener. We could really use it - DD's room gets pretty stinky sometimes...
Rockin' Green Pail Freshener giveaway

Another BG giveaway

I really would love to try the new BG 4.0s. I'm excited about the snaps! I really love the way our one BG organic fits, and I'm hoping the snap fit of the new 4.0 will be similar, with the benefits of a pocket. Here is another giveaway for 2 new BG 4.0s!
Cloth Diaper Whisperer Blog

Adorable product giveaways!

Maxwell Designs and AppleCheeks have teamed up to provide 4 winners for the same giveaway! Have you checked out Maxwell Designs?? Their products are SUPER cute! I've never tried AppleCheeks either, but I've heard good things. They've got some great colors to choose from as well! Check out both blogs below for entries into the contest:
AppleCheeks blog
Maxwell Designs blog

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another new-to-me product

Dirty Diaper Laundry is hosting a Best Bottoms giveaway. I'm not sure how I feel about the snap in liner idea - I feel like the outer would get poopy, so you'd need more outers than you normally do covers for fitteds or what have you. However I guess it is better than a pocket or all in one, because you could reuse the outer when only peed in, rather than tossing the whole diaper in the wetbag. Hmm....I'm willing to try it. Hope I win!
Dirty Diaper Laundy Best Bottoms giveaway

Time to try something new

There's a giveaway on Fluff Envy for two products I've never tried - Apple Cheeks and Wee Huggers. The prints on the Wee Huggers covers are adorable! Check them out, and enter to win here:
Fluff Envy giveaway

Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Half Off giveaway - great odds!!

Here's a quick fluffy giveaway from Baby Half Off - FuzziBunz and Leg Huggers! You must enter this weekend for a drawing which will occur on Monday. Quick giveaway means less entries and better odds for those who do enter!! Check it out!
Baby Half Off - FuzziBunz and Leg Huggers giveaway

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thinking of trying the new BGs?

Check out this review of the BG 4.0, complete with a giveaway!
BG 4.0 Review

Newborn dipes anyone??

I LOVE newborn dipes! Unfortunately when DD was a newborn, we didn't have money to buy any cute dipes like KL0s, and I had never heard of Lil Joeys back then, so we did GMD orange edge PFs (LOVE them!). Anyway, I cannot wait to try some more cute newborn dipes on the next one! Check out this giveaway to try Lil Joeys!
Cloth Diaper Retailer Cooperative

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun, fun, fun

This camera would be a lot of fun for DD to drag around this summer! She loves anything electronic, so she will love being able to take her very own pics!!

Leapfrog Camera giveaway

Another great BG AIO deal!!

I haven't been entering contests for a while (I've been busy), but here's a great BG AIO contest! The odds look pretty good so far....hopefully they'll stay that way between now and Sunday!

BG AIO Giveaway

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Minky dipes for a good cause

Check out Envibum. Great minky dipes, and a portion of each sale goes to a great charity!
Win one here:

Sweet pea looks fun!!

These new dipes look fun! One size, cute colors and even a loop for line drying! Enter to win:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Serious necessity

I can always use another nursing tank. Seriously - I wear these every day!

Gotta get the Hard Rock!

Here's another Rockin' Green giveaway - this is what started this journey in the first place!!


Win a Babykicks OS Pocket dipe here:
I've always wanted to try a hemp diaper...

Organic BG OS Giveaway!!

Check out this blog I just found with lots of great cloth diaper giveaways!! Right now they're running a giveaway for an organic BG OS dipe from www.fluffenvy.com!! I've never tried this, and would love to!

The wonderful world of CD giveaways!

We've been CDing now for 13 mos, and I just now discovered the wonderful world of CD giveaways on the web! I was looking for any possible way to win some Rockin' Green new Hard Rock (our water is so hard, it's horrible!), when I came across a post, and then some more, and some more. So, here it is - a blog dedicated to CD giveaways!!